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Cobra Energy Drink is the Philippines’ No. 1 Energy Drink. It contains carbohydrates and B vitamins for the extra energy needed for enhanced mental and physical performance. This unique refreshing drink delivers a power packed combination of taurine, inositol, caffeine, B-vitamins, carbohydrates, and ginseng.

Cobra Energy Drink is responsible for the phenomenal growth of the energy drinks category over the years, surpassing the growth of many other beverage giants even in other categories. Its renowned efficacy, great taste, affordability, brand equity, and innovative spirit have been critical to its success and has propelled it to become the preferred energy drink of Filipinos from all walks of life: from blue collar workers, the youth, and the upwardly mobile.

240 ml Returnable Glass Bottle
- Original
- Citrus
- Berry Blast

350 ml Re-sealable Plastic Bottle
- Original
- Berry Blast
- Plus Smart with Ginkgo Biloba
- Plus Fit with L-Carnitine
- Plus Defense with Vitamins A-E and Zinc

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